Divorce Depositions: Questions about Bank Accounts, Investments & Retirement Accounts

At the Law Office of Matthew Z Martell, P.A. we will use depositions as a tool during your divorce proceeding to discover relevant and material facts, determine the strategy of your case, and search the conscience of the deponent. During a divorce deposition, our attorneys will focus on several subjects that are important in any divorce […]

Subjects Addressed in a Divorce Deposition: Personal Property

Divorce depositions are important tools that divorce attorneys use to gain control and leverage during the divorce proceedings and trial. An important subject that should be addressed during a divorce deposition is related to the identification of personal property and how it affects the division of the martial estate. Personal Property Typical questions that good […]

How to Dispose of a House in a Florida Divorce

Divorce is very complex and involves numerous issues that each spouse needs to deal with. The most difficult aspect of a divorce is dividing the marital assets and debts. Of the various tasks that a divorcing couple faces when dividing their marital assets and debt, disposing the former marital residence can be one of the […]

Sarasota Divorce Lawyers | Stock Options and Divorce

With the rise and fall of the stock market, Sarasota divorce lawyers are involved in more cases involving stock options. It has become common practice for companies, especially larger, publicly traded companies, to issue grant stock options to key employees. During divorce, these stock options become a key issue during property division, demanding the legal assistance […]

Advice for Divorced Parents with Children Under Two Years

It seems it would be easier to divorce when children are too young to get upset about it, but Sarasota Divorce Attorney Matthew Z. Martell will tell you that dealing with infants and toddlers in divorce has its own set of problems. Attachment forming Children this young are still forming emotional attachments to their primary caregivers, and […]

Developing a Healthy Child Time-Sharing Strategy

Developing a Healthy Child Time-Sharing  Strategy From the outset of the divorce process it is important to hire an experienced Sarasota divorce attorney. Divorce issues will arise that may be difficult to manage without legal assistance. However, it is even more important for parents to make sure that those most affected – the children – are protected […]

Sarasota Divorce Attorney, Divorce- Weather the Storm

Divorce: Weather the Storm When you find yourself facing divorce, trusting a qualified Sarasota family law attorney should be your first step in weathering the storm. Just as important, you also need to consider what is important in your life and how to preserve it. Divorce is a trying time of stress and uncertainty. Rather […]

Coping with Loss in a Divorce

One may be surprised at the many ways a qualified Sarasota divorce attorney can be of benefit during the divorce process. Not all assistance necessarily takes the form of legal work; indeed, attorneys recognize that clients generally experience emotional difficulties coping with the loss of such a significant relationship, and will often refer them to […]

Sarasota Divorce, Pre-Marital Assets and Their Inclusion in the Marital Estate

If you are in the midst of a divorce and you and your Sarasota divorce lawyer are trying to figure out whether or not an asset will be part of the marital estate, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration with respect to the asset, such as timing, source, […]