Subjects Addressed in a Divorce Deposition: Personal Property

Divorce depositions are important tools that divorce attorneys use to gain control and leverage during the divorce proceedings and trial. An important subject that should be addressed during a divorce deposition is related to the identification of personal property and how it affects the division of the martial estate.

Personal Property

Typical questions that good divorce attorneys will ask during a successful divorce deposition regarding personal property include:


  • What vehicles do you own?
  • How are they titled?
  • Are they encumbered by debt, and if so, how much?
  • What is your opinion of their value?

Life insurance policies

  • Do you have any life insurance?
  • Does it have a cash value? If so, how much?
  • Does the policy have any loans against it? If so, how much?

Antiques, art, jewelry, collectibles

  • Do you own any of the following: antiques, art, jewelry, guns, coins, stamps, figurines, tools, etc.
  • Do you have any appraisals for these items?
  • Are they insured, and if so, for how much?
  • Your opinion as to their value?

With regards to collectible personal properties, it is important to properly appraise these items so that they are not overvalued. Most divorce attorneys advise their clients to hire a reliable, neutral appraiser who will fairly value these collectible items.

Let Us Help

If divorce is the only option left in your marriage, you should hire a divorce attorney who will use every legal tool possible to protect your financial rights and ensure you get a fair deal upon the dissolution of your marriage.

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